If you had been reading my previous posts by now you would think I am some self obsessed, deranged, lunatic girl who calls herself sexy. talks as if she is the most important person in world.

If you think all that you are right I am all that. I am the most important person in the whole world to me. Believe it has taken lot of pain and learning to reach this phase, But it was totally worth it. I am finally at peace with everything around me.

I still make mistakes, have bad days, have rows with people, take wrong decisions, fake orgasms. But I have realized it is completely normal to do all that. I am still learning and I totally need a pat on the back for learning, being patient with myself, not having unrealistic expectations from myself (seriously months ago I wanted to loose 30 Kgs in 1 week!!!!!!). But now i know I will reach there I don’t have to win a beauty pageant overnight I just want a healthy fit body.

I know what I want from my career, I will reach there oneday but I will enjoy the ride along.

I am special. All of us are special but some how we see only crappy things about us ignoring the awesomeness with in us.

Look inside, you will definitely beat all the kareena’s and Katrina’s. Because you are special and no one. I mean it no one can replace you.


Ms. Lipstick