7 years ago, the 17 year old me had a crush on a handsome 17 year old (2 months younger to me).

We used to speak for hours on the telephone for 2 weeks, one day out of the blue he proposed.

I was shy+immature+scared+some more confusing feelings I rejected the guy. I know I am stupid I was falling head over heels for this guy but still I rejected him.

Why because he had flunked his 12th and was sitting at home doing nothing. I told him“How would I ever introduce you to my parents if you have not studied“. Yes those were the exact words used by me.

Now when I look back what made me say that? think that? Why I never thought it could be a passing romance???? why did i start relating his proposal to marriage, I had even started thinking about kids+cars+home loans etc… All this when I was 17!!!!

Was it my fault??? partially yes but this is how the society fucks up with our heads???

Even immature teenager thinks  about status+money+caste+house+cars before answering a 17 years old handsome crush’s proposal.

There was a sweet romance budding in my workplace. The girl and the boy were of same caste, the boy owned a house, and he is a gentleman as I know. The girl is also sweet and they would make a perfect match. As both of them are from the same caste, similar family background we all assumed there would be no issues from the families.

But the girls father rejected the alliance. Why you ask? Because both work in the same firm so if something happens to the firm both will loose their jobs together and hence cannot support the family that’s why??

The girl cries endlessly she does not know how to convince her father. The boy is dull and does not speak to anyone.

I am sad. I am angry. I know it is genuine to think about security of one’s daughter, but this is stupid.

I also dont know how to convince thier parents????

Do you know??


Ms. Lipstick

PS: I am still with my 17 year old crush 🙂 he is still studying, while I am working. He still makes me fall head over heels. Yes I accepted his proposal, ignoring the non sense going on in my head.