Life is going at full speed. I am not complaining. I think I work my best when my limits are stretched.

I am not a creative person, I am not a great cook or enjoy cooking. I don’t keep the house sparkling clean. I don’t exercise or go for a run. I don’t have a big social circle. The small group of friends I have does not require much of my time. Appu*(Boyfriend/fiancee) works in a different city so he also doesn’t need much of my time. Even though I stay with Aunt she is out of country on work assignments most of the times. So I stay alone most of the times.

So when I have a few hours a day to myself, I just don’t move my ass from the couch and eyes from TV.

But the past few days have been different. I am leaving my current job and joining another company in March. Before I move to the new company full time I will have to set up few processes and hire and set up a small team. So 4 days a week I go there in the evening. As I am working for Asian markets my work timings in the current job is 6.30 AM to 3.30 PM. After that I go to the new company and work there from 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM. I get home by 9.30 – 10.00PM. So my day starts at 5.00 AM and ends at 11.00 PM. This will go on for another month.

Everyone around me is complaining that I am mad to work these many hours and that I am spoiling my health, I should negotiate with either of the companies and reduce the working hours. But honestly I am loving it. I love that I am not wasting my time in front of TV or lazing around on the couch. I have big expectations on the new job and just love spending time on planning and setting up new things. I am very happy that I will be leaving the current company. I will be leaving behind a lot of negativity and a manager with the brain size of a sparrow. During the commute time I get to catch up with all my friends and family. Calling Mom and Appu are regular now.

Also I am happy because I have a valid excuse for not doing the laundry/cleaning the fridge/dusting the house/cooking and eating. I just have to tell them I have been very busy and make a puppy face 🙂 

But to my surprise in this busy schedule I am finding to do laundry once in 3 days, fold my clothes, wear matching jewellery to work, keep the kitchen and the sink clean, eat at regular intervals, and even find time to read blogs and post myself. Weird right! May be I am just wired this way. I work efficiently under pressure. Give me lots of time and I will turn into a lazy ass. So people for me busy is good.

Ciao People.

*thats what we call each other with. I know cheesy but that’s what happens when you meet your guy when you are 17 years old. Teenage cheesy names stay 🙂