Ok what is the internet dating scene in India? How popular it is? How good is hooking up over the internet anyway? Let me know people!


Couple of months ago M called up and told me to check out this new social networking app called “SKOUT”. I installed it from play store registered myself with all my “correct information” I even uploaded my photo, oblivious to the fact that it is a dating app. I thought it was something like Facebook or orkut. Internet dating, actually any sort of dating for me was an unexplored territory. So what the SKOUT does is according to your preference shows all the available people who are geographically closer.

As soon as I activated the app, all sorts of nasty messages started flooding in my inbox, only then I realized it was a dating app mostly filled with people desperate to get laid. I immediately wanted delete the app, but then it was my last month at the old job and I had a lot of time while away I decided to explore it, I deleted my pic, changed the information and replied to few people. I even made a solid friendship through that app, but I feel it was the rarest of rare exception. I deleted the app after few days.


I do not advocate against internet dating. How one wants to get hooked is a personal choice. But what I feel is resorting to something like this in desperation to fill some kind of emotional void and depending only on it, trusting a completely unknown person is very very dangerous.

M still uses the app, even after she had a few nasty encounters. M just uses it to pass the time, ditches and blocks the people who pesters her. Why entertain someone, give false hopes if you are not interested in continuing the same. I feel that is ethically wrong, but then again to each to his own. I will never tell her what I feel. May be other people uses it for time pass too and I am one stupid moron stuck in time!

I do not know where this non sense is heading, my experience on Skout was fairly positive I did not make too many friendships or indulged too many people. I ignored all the nasty ones, had a good conversations with few, and even made a very good friend. I did get into some trouble but since this blog has no negativity policy let me leave it out from recording it here.


I may not be a Pro, but if you want to try your luck in internet dating(I was clearly not looking to date anyone) here is my advice,

  • Even if you use a fake profile, be nice to people. Avoid unnecessary hatred
  • Do not indulge anyone for your time pass
  • Do not, I repeat do not trust anyone and give out the personal information
  • You can avoid nasty people by simply not replying or blocking them. Arguing with them is loosing your precious time and energy
  • I strongly advocate do not look for any sort of emotional assurance from the people you meet online, or anyone for that matter. If you cannot feel secured about yourself some random person you met on the internet can hardly do it. If emotional assurance is what you are looking for try taking a holiday alone, introspect, strengthen yourself, any sort of dating will not help you

Ciao People!