I am at a very pleasant phase in life. I am loving my financial independence, I am loving my emotional dependencies too 🙂 All the fairies out there please bless me to be this happy like forever. Muah.

There is so much that has happened in the past couple of months and so much that will happen in the next couple of months. Before all the happy memories fade let me record it here. I am not sure if I should sort my emotions in bullet points but what the heck my blog my rules 🙂 Bullet points make life so easier like it did back in our exam days if you remember!!!!

  • A Happy Happy Relationship – Like I have told before I have a very small social circle and I never ever let go of people. I will never be the one to end any relationship, so I kinda always live in the insecurity of loosing someone. But I have found my fail-proof relationship where I am pretty sure nothing will go wrong
  • War Machine – “Four wheelers move the body, Two wheelers move the soul” I took my soul out for pretty long drive recently 🙂 🙂
  • Rum and Biryani – I feel like a dude typing this out, but trust me nothing comes close to the heavenly pleasure of eating a delicious biryani after gulping down the few pegs of Rum
  • Bangalore Rains – rekindled love
  • Tamizh – new found love

When I read what I have written above I feel like an eighteen year old, I cannot help it I am just dizzy with Happiness.

I feel like I was robbed of my innocence very early in life, the insecurities I went through as a child made me close myself to almost everyone parents, friends, Appu and even M. I had developed this stupid sense of responsibility which was not necessary for a 10 year old, I don’t know if I should attribute it to the small town upbringing or the just the way I was exposed to some not pleasant things then. I am not trying to paint a sorry picture of my childhood just the facts as it happened.

My idea of relationship with the opposite sex kept evolving since I was 12 years old, at 12 I wanted a devoted husband someone strong and caring and a provider of the family “a giver” as John Gray categorizes. at 16 I wanted the most handsome guy in the college as my boyfriend, just a secret fantasy I never really approached anyone though. at 18 I just wanted a boyfriend and I got one too. And I did all the mushy things with him, we texted each other all day all night, wrote love letters, kept names for future children, fought, got back together, got serious and we will also get married in few months. But I could never tell him about my past. May be I will never tell him either.

But to have found a Man to pour my heart out to, no filtering of thoughts or emotions, just plain thoughtless blabber is Bliss!!!!!