I have always so much to write/talk about. RV calls me a “chatter box”,I think I am one. But what I cannot do is put my thoughts/words into look, think of fancy titles and generally put some sense in what I am rambling about. Many a times I have not written on this blog just because i cannot think of suitable title.

But I think from now on I will not give a F about the titles and ramble away merrily. I need to write to keep my sanity in check, not that I am very sane now. but if i don’t pour out the stuff in my head I am pretty sure I will do something to mess up things royally.


I wanted to be socially responsible writer write about things like world hunger, gender equality or things like that. But I should come in terms with the fact that I am neither intelligent nor responsible! May be the day will come when I would raise out of my shallowness.. but that day is not today.