My work sucks, I know 98% of the working people feels the same, but mine really reaaaallly sucks! the extra aaa’s and ll’s does not reflect the extent of my dissatisfaction but filling up the entire post with aaa’s and ll’s does not makes sense either does it?

Anyways I hate working here, or wait I do not hate working here. I love this place, the colleagues, the coffee time gossips, the endless time on the g talk. I just hate my “lizard head manager” (again RV complains that I keep inventing my own phrases, but then they just come out with the flow, I cannot help it). This guy is erratic, stupid, egomaniac, arrogant, unprincipled, untrustworthy!!! The very fact that he is forcing to turn my happy blogging space to a hate venting space is the proof that how negative his influence is on me. So why I am whining about this is, My “lizard head manager” has asked us to put in extra hours to work to increase productivity or some crap like that. So everyday I work from 8.30 AM to almost 9.30 PM. Not Cool!!!

To add to the chaos there is family wedding, my cousin is getting married this weekend. The whole of extended family is here and I am missing out on all the fun things like shopping, sangeet practice, cooking and eating together. Plus huge guilt that I am not able to help out enough at home and Mom and aunt are handling everything alone 😦

I hope once June is over things will get back to normal.