I am getting married in exactly 4 months 22 days, I will be 26 years, 8 months and 23 days old when I get married. right now I am bag of emotions.

So this marriage jitters started to get on to me, first of all I am not the most responsible in the world. I cant even take care of an ant, now I will be responsible for a full grown man. My stomach does a nervous flip every time I think of that.

It wont be so bad I tell myself, I have known him exactly for 9 years now. But being in a distant relationship for so long makes me me shudder at the idea of living with him. What if everything goes horribly wrong or not. I really don’t know, he is a misogynist in some ways and liberal in others. So one moment I feel like I am doing a horrible mistake and the next moment I feel like this is meant to happen. I see other happy relationships and wonder how people does it really, I know a relationship takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices and negotiations, but how will i know how much is enough and where we are crossing the line its all so confusing 😦